PWHPA Chicago Blackhawks Showcase

Covid-19 Protocols

USA Showcases

Minnesota vs New Hampshire

Sat. March 6, 2021
2:00pm CST at
United Center

Sun. March 7, 2021
10:30am CST at
Fifth Third Arena

These protocols will be interpreted and enforced consistent with applicable local and state rules and regulations related to COVID-19. To the extent there appears to be any contradiction between these protocols and such rules or regulations, the PWHPA will enforce the stricter standard.

These rules apply in all locations during which PWHPA events are held during the Showcase:

  • CDC-approved masks are required at all times outside of hotel rooms and off the ice & bench, including during stretching and warmups.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet or more must be maintained outside of the arena, and inside the arena.
  • At no time should any indoor areas be more than 50% of their total occupancy.

Travel Protocol

  • PWHPA personnel begin quarantine seven days before travel.
  • PWHPA personnel are tested 3 days prior to travel.
  • Negative test results must be submitted to the PWHPA Medical Director received prior to travel.
Bus Travel:
  • Bus seating will be spaced out and staggered.
  • Busses will arrive at venue in staggered time slots to prevent overcrowding at entrances and screening checkpoints.
  • If the bus driver is not blocked off by a physical barrier (e.g. plexiglass), seating must begin 6 feet behind the driver.
  • Windows will be opened where possible, whether bus or private vehicle.
  • Individuals will be responsible for handling their own luggage.
Plane Travel:
  • Players arriving by plane are required to wear a mask and maintain social distance from other travellers at all times.
  • Individuals will be responsible for handling their own luggage.
Upon Arrival:
  • Players & staff to be tested upon arrival by team trainers.
  • All players will be placed in individual rooms.
  • Team meetings will take place virtually.

Game Day Protocol

  • Individuals will complete the PWHPA Daily Health Screening Form.
  • Rapid testing and temperature scans will be administered prior to entrance where applicable.
  • Players to arrive no more than 105 minutes prior to puck drop.
  • Separate entrances for venue staff and PWHPA players & staff.
  • Players to be separated into as many dressing rooms as necessary to ensure appropriate distancing.
  • Medical staff for each team will be provided with their own treatment rooms.
  • Coaching staff may only convene in open areas and maintain physical distance.
  • Designated warmup areas for each team.
  • Warmups to be completed individually (i.e. no Spikeball)
  • Team meetings will be held in open areas where appropriate distancing can be maintained.
  • Media will access players remotely.
  • PWHPA to leave venue immediately after game and media availability has concluded.

Venue Operations

  • Only essential venue employees allowed on-site.
  • Testing and screening required before entering NHL site via Rapid PCR test.
  • Venue staff will be following their own internal COVID-19 protocol to ensure safety of all individuals.
  • Media will access players remotely.

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